Is there any possibility to getting him back?

He broke up with me, and never really gave me a reason. I haven't spoken to him, and two weeks ago he was telling me that he missed me. But then last week he gets a new girlfriend. We have been broken up for a month or so now, and he said to a friend of mine that I had pushed him to move on even though I didn't really do anything at all, I only spoke to him, when he would talk to me. I want him back, and I would do anything to have that happen, but I won't ruin a relationship and I refuse to bother him about anything, nonetheless our relationship. Any advice?


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  • It's normal to feel that way, you want him bad cause you can't have him, it's called obsession, don't do that to yourself, your better than that !!! His loss, let him go. Soon you'll find a better guy who loves you for real... You won't even remember his name.
    So the answer is no, all that can happen now is he will use you again and go back to another girl. So don't go after him...


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  • If he texts you, tell him you don't feel right communicating with him when he has a girlfriend. Tell him you aren't sure why he just cut it off with no explanation and that you don't need that in your life, you would rather do you and eventually find a real man. Then do your thing girl. That should open his eyes and if he wants you give it a month then try to work it out again. But boys don't change.


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  • You say he just found a new girlfriend so I dont really see that as a big thing going on Its just a fast fill in to me. just talk to your guy before it really is to late

    • I have tried:/ He wouldn't talk to me about it, so i gave up. Even though he was saying he missed me. I don't want to ruin anything he has right now, and I don't want to bother him. He'd ignore me anyway.

    • Ok then It is time you then move on yourself before you find yourself laying in bed on Christmas Eve crying all by yourself, he's in no way worth it.

  • doesn't sound like it... :(

  • No possibility. He has moved in

    • I honestly don't see why you need to be anonymous to answer this?

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    • Because one, you hid your username. Two, you're telling me that I apparently don't like the way that you answered and yet, you don't see me commenting on the other two people who have told me the exact same thing. And you're acting like you know what I think. "lol sure" meaning obviously I think differently, right?

    • lol no I just mean sure when i said sure.

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