How can you say that you're not over me? Why would he do this?

I don't get it.
How can you say that you're not over me, yet you're dating and already had sex with one of my close friends. Then constantly tell me you love me? What in the world? I don't know if I'm over-reacting or not. I need to know what's going through his head right now. Help?


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  • You want to get through his head? Nail and a hammer would do the trick...
    Anyway, Tell him to bug off. I don't know how many guys have said that to me and to my girls and still are with another girl. Just be friends with him. He's not worth worrying your pretty little head about.

    • I should huh?

    • So our friends are typically similar to us in many ways. He may have a thing for your types of personality. Meaning he may or may not like you. But you can bet his future wife will be similar to you and your friend if it's not one of you. But for now don't worry about it. He'll decide when he decides.

    • That makes sense, I guess. Thank you!

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