Okay so, do guys have feelings?

Okay this question might sound weird i know, but I had a boyfriend who left me like 1 month ago and we were like together for like 8 months and I know I was super hurt I cried so much, it was him who blocked me after he went back to England we both lived in NY and he had to go back because of work issues, and after he went there he blocked me from everywhere I know he loved me because he cut my name into his hand when he wanted to be with me, he's not a cutter though. And he brought me an engagement ring too. Oh and Im 18 he was 21. And on his Facebook wall it said "Im dark hearted, yeah better believe it" I felt like I wasted all those months. I barely have a heart anymore he hurt me so much, but one thing I noticed was that he had that on his FB wall like the day he blocked me and then later on he deactivated his account which he would've never done because he had that ever since he was 13 and he also deleted his YouTube account which he had for 8 years and he had like so many songs there and some of our videos. I don't think I'll ever love again. So do guys have feelings? I mean if i did something like that i know I would've cried so much. He seriously loved me i know that because his parents also told me and they called me after a week and said sorry about all that and I asked if he was okay and they said "he'll be okay". I don't get it.


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  • yes guys have feelings, and it sounds like he did all that because it hurts him dearly to be reminded of you. you must've had a huge impact on him, I wouldn't delete my YouTube account for a girl hahaa. but I will totally delete Facebook for any reason, fuck that shit!


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  • Yes, we have feelings.

    I'm sorry that you're very hurt, Lexxy666. I think the more important question to ask is, "What can I learn from this?" First of all, I'd be very wary of anyone who carves anything into himself. This is very extreme behavior. Secondly, at some time you will realize that you can hurt and still have a heart. You can be hurt and still find love, sweetheart.

    As to why he blocked you, I couldn't really say, not knowing him. Perhaps he felt bad being reminded of you. Perhaps he felt the need to make a clean start. I'm not a big fan of ex's hanging out and being part of each other's lives myself. Very little good comes of it, more often than not.

    His parents probably said he'll be OK because they didn't want to upset you, but didn't realize how you would react to it.

  • Why is it that women hate it when men generalize but they have no problem generalizing themselves?

    Of course guys have feelings. That guy was an asshole. There are just as many female assholes as male ones. Don't try to make all men out to be like him. The majority of us are not, just like the majority of women are not lying, gold digging bitches.

    I hope you have better luck next time.


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