Do women agree that divorce laws favour them?

I'm just curious about the girls take on this. Here's a few stats:

- 70% of divorces are initiated by women.
- 70% of the time (at least) women get custody
- With custody, women get the house and the mass majority of alimony and child support (over 90% I heard). These payments come above everything including the man's own needs. If he loses his job, the ex wife can have him sent to prison for not paying. Even when women fall behind on alimony, they're less likely to be imprisoned for it.
- Divorced men are 2.5 times as likely to commit suicide as married men. There is no significant difference for women's suicide statistics.
- 56% of divorced men regret their failed marriage, compared to 45% of women.

So are my stats wrong or is divorce biased against men? Do women think it's fair? Do you think it makes women more likely to file for divorce (they know they'll win) and men less likely to get married?

There's an increase in women who want to get married but a decline in the men who think the same; is that due to unfair divorce laws?

I'm thinking of getting married but (no offence), I think it's easy for women to push for marriage when they're not risking as much.
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  • The stats suggest bias but there are reasons other than sexism for them.
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  • Yes, family law in general favors women but not as directly as you think. Women tend to get half, even though women on average don't earn as much as their partners. When a guy is way more broke than a woman, he seems to get an "unfair' amount too, it just doesn't happen that often. That's just how marital assets are determined in most states.

    Women generally get primary custody because women tend to be the ones to care for the children more so than fathers. Child support is intended to keep the lifestyle of the child, and when two incomes and the custody arrangement is run through a dissomaster it usually just works out that a father pays more than a mother would.

    all that being said I do still think judges are biased against men (voted A) because they have a job to do, and even though things are getting more equal, exceptions to the traditional family roles are rare at least economically. I think that's bullshit because cases should be looked at on an individual basis. I think a man in a bad spot is more likely to get fucked over than a woman in a bad spot just because of precedence. BUT I don't think courts are out to get men intentionally.

    Seriously everyone should just have to get a fuckin' prenup.

    • Good answer. I'm not accusing women of taking advantage of the system or anything like that. I'm just worried that if I get married, I'd stand to lose more if it fails, which isn't really a healthy situation.

      I really don't want a prenup. I've no intention of ever getting divorced. I'm just curious whether or not there are good reasons for the apparent bias (which you did kinda explain, so thanks again :) ).

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    • Thanks for MH :)

    • No problem. :)
      I wasn't trying to start a fight or blame women for this or anything. It's just that I think the results of divorce are what's putting a lot of guys off marriage which lead to a lot of questions on this site from guys and girls complaining about the situation.

      I was curious what women thought of the current situation. Your answer was fair and balanced which put you ahead of half the other people who answered. Thanks :)

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What Girls Said 4

  • The law favours the women, but rightly so. The child is more likely to need a mother than a father, and the women would need more than the father to raise a child

    • While I would agree that the parent who has most of the custody should get support from the other, do you really think women are better parents just because they are women?

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    • Maybe, but I think it's wrong to assume that the mother's the better parent because of her gender. There are plenty of crap mothers in the world.

      If a guy stayed at home to raise the kids while his wife worked, do you think he should get custody in case of divorce?

      Also, can I ask which option you picked?

    • @LucyColes I don't want to sound rude, but I think that think is very wrong. People shouldn't assume that being the mother will make you best for the child. I've seen plenty of women who really couldn't care less about the child use children against men that actually to do care because a judge just assumed that the mother would be the best fit.

  • I would agree. But it can be unfair to those men who don't deserve it.

    • I agree. It can make mistakes either way, but I think the divorce system should not favour either 'side' because of their gender.

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    • @existing_not_living Fair enough :)
      I understand that women will get custody more than men because they're more likely to stay at home. As long as it's decided on a case by case basis.

    • Yeah that's a food explanation. Haha, sometimes I just don't know how to get to my conclusion when writing things out. Or when speaking them either... I just have trouble getting to my conclusion in general!

  • It has just as much to do with the better attorney. Also, if the man is buying the home and cars and such he should only put it in his name.. That way it's all his ;)

    • I doubt the woman always gets the better attorney.
      Re: putting stuff in his name: I'm not sure the wife would go for that tbh.

      I do believe you should share everything if you get married. My problem is that when they stop 'sharing' (usually the woman's decision), the wife seems to keep everything.
      It's like if you were business partners with someone, as soon as you decide to break the partnership, you get everything? How does that make sense?

  • I feel like that some woman get more than what they should

    • Do you think that's because of their gender or are there logical reasons why women seem to get the most out of a divorce?

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    • So are you saying women get the most out of divorce because of society's sexism towards women?

    • yes and if she get to have most of they ownership of the kids as will

What Guys Said 8

  • all that is about men who
    -marry without a prenup
    -marry women who don't have a job
    -don't claim custody in court
    -have a bad lawyer or no lawyer at all.

    How many men are in prison because they didn't pay custody for their children? Most just get away with it, leave the mother begging for the needed money.

    Divorce laws are biased in favor of the children.

    • You're speaking about laws as they were in the 1950ies.

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    • "consensus everywhere I look" will be influenced by your choice of sites you look at.

    • Yes it would but I don't look at sites that just bitch about marriage and I think because I'm asking the question you're assuming that's what I do.

      I've looked at sites that are pro marriage and still concede that women have an advantage in this area, I've read articles on sites that will praise marriage but still contain horror stories of what men go through in divorce. Look at @ScruffyNerfHerder stories above about homeless guys paying alimony to their wives who live in their houses. Is that fair?

      If you're so sure I'm wrong, then say why rather than just presuming I'm biased.

  • First of all, you should give the reference where you took this stats, just to verify.

    Second: I do think that it's biased, but like most of the things that are man vs woman and taken to court, the men is most likely to lose.
    I think that the person that asks for divorce should be the one that loses the divorce, unless it's caused by violent behaviors from the partner or something like that. I mean, why do I have to give you my money, lose custody of my kid, if I didn't even want to get divorced?

    • 1.
      Tbf, I've seen those same numbers everywhere you look.

      2. That would be a good idea imo. The person who wants to leave, leaves but they're not taking much with them. As things stand, divorce is just the wife exiling the husband and booting him out of the family. While keeping the cheques.

  • Definitely biased, but that's not the reason for fewer marriages. The only correlation to how many marriages occur and the population at large is the economy. Turns out when everyone is making money and taxes are low. Life is easier and you can afford your house, a wedding a baby. You can't stop people from getting married. When the economy declines, less marriages occur at a time because they can't afford it.

  • Laws for divorce always have and always will favor women. It does not matter as it will never change. So men need to please their wives and not cheat on their wives or this will be the result.

  • Most likely agree that the judicial system biases itself toward women in some ways more than others.

  • Yes the laws are favoring women.

  • there's no point complaining about it dude. women have a great thing going here. do you think they're gonna want to change it? there is only one solution. don't get married.

  • Most of our legal system is biased against men. This is just one example of many. Of course it's unfair. That's why feminists are trying so hard to make changes to make it more fair for men.

    Oh, wait...


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