Why does my ex still have pictures of me up on his bedroom wall?

We've been broken up for over a month now. Last week I got my "closure" sort of speak... I noticed that he still has several pictures of me on his bedroom wall. I also drunkenly told him that I loved him and he said the same to me and asked why I didn't tell him sooner. He just embraced me and told me he felt like I was his best friend, but that same night I told him I want to marry my best friend. He kept asking if I was over him and what I wanted to be with him as well... I feel bad, because he and I are both young, but he always says I was the best girlfriend that he has ever had... It just feels like he hasn't had the chance to experience different women. We are friends, I loved that boy from the first night we met I really do just want the best for him. We both need out space, but why does it feel like we aren't done yet? I've never had this with someone. So more experienced men and women should I let go for the moment? I'd like to work on myself as well.
Sorry for the wall of text (>.<)
He broke up with me...


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  • He is still very upset about losing you. He doesn't want to give up the idea that you still like him. It's a sort of clinging reaction guys can get when losing a girl.


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  • It doesn't hurt to give him another chance. Obviously he's not over you. They say drunk words are sober thoughts. So you may not be completely over him.

    • The thing is he broke up with me, so I don't get why he is being more than friendly :/ Btw, you look so pretty, you really rock that lipstick color :o

    • Thank you! I think you should be honest and ask him what does he wants. That way you have a clear view on weather to move on or not.

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