Please explain this to me?

so, im breaking up with the guy im seeing after 5months. he is in his late 20's like me. he says I was the 1st person he had sex w/. do I believe him?


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  • Difficult call. I was married when I was 27, and my ex-wife was my first and only partner. People she talked to didn't believe her, but that didn't change the facts.

    Your question is something only you can answer because some guys are truthful and some guys aren't.

    Why is this question so important now? Is he trying to get you to stay?

    • we were saying goodbyes via text. he wanted to remain friends. why bring it up now?

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  • Yes, believe him, I Believe he is telling you the truth and not just Because------I'm breaking up with the guy...
    If this is own excuse that you Think he is laying on you to make you ride his pity wagon then No, I don't think so, I think he is being honest in what he tells you. You most likely were someone special he wanted to share his First experience with.
    However, regardless of anything, if you just want to call it quits, don't let this lay on your mind that just because he broke his "Sacred sack" with you, that you have to feel eternity indebted to him for anything anymore.
    Good luck. xx

    • I doubt I was anything special when slept together. I think like an 28 year old he was happy just having sex. he and I weren't exclusive. he was being shady and lying to me when it came to other girls. for example 1 night I was him and he said the following night he be going with a friend to meet a girl. it was a date for himself. also I founded a used condom in his car from the same girl

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    • yeah like I said we were never exclusive. I don't care he went on a date. just don't lie to my face about it. he randomly asked if I ever been to such and such bar. then 2 weeks later I find a used condom in his car. he says he not ready for a commitment and he didn't want to hurt me. he knew I I didn't like the idea of him seeing other people. he says im his best friends and im a big part of his life. he wants to continue being friends. he came to my house and cried. he just showed up

    • If it hurts you to be his friend, for he could want a friends with benefits factor, then break all contact... It doesn't sound as though it will ever go anywhere with him not wanting to be hooked at the hip. xx

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  • dus it really mater? i mean your braking up with him not trading v cards


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