What should I do about constant financial stress?

My bf told me last week he's afraid hed lose his job and freaked me out causing stress. I had asked fora break and we still ended up seeing each other. Yesterday he said he may not have enough money for rent... today he drove me to a park or intended to and we never got in because he missed the turn in twice. When you miss the turn you have to go all back over a bridge so he was unhappy. To be honest I've been unhappy with him for awhile. he's trying but can't afford stuff for me and its been rough. He misses tturns a lot or complains about society etc. Today was a big breaking point. I dont think if he is ready for a f2f because I am tired of telling him things are ok or not bad after he complains or gets lost on the road or tells me he hasn't got enough money this week. He looks money and unhappy. I kind of wish if he's unhappy that hed break up with me but hasn't. I like him but he's wasted my days sometimes like today when I wanted to goto the gym and couldn't go... what should I do? Do u think his behaviour is acceptable? I am thinking about breaking up and he probably knows it thats why he's acting irrational and messes up so much
he looks *miserable and unhappy.
and I don't think he is ready for a 'gf'*
sorry I typed too quick and didn't see my errors.
I want to work it out with him but he's also leaving me alone tomorrow.


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  • wow chill out you stressed me out just reading that... if he stresses you out thin leave no one needs that but munny is gnu come and go in any situation your in but it sawnds like alls y'all need is a nap together cuddling and if he starts flipping the fuck out after that make him breath in a helium balloon and thin let him talk


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  • Wait I'm not sure I understand, so are you stressed about financial issues of issues with your boyfriend?


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