Why do a majority of the girls I date seem to be able to let go so easily when its over?

I have been in many relationships in my time. There have been some before that were absolutely in love with me. However when it came to an end, even if it was over a year together, they seem to be able to just say goodbye and never show feeling again. Is this the way to see if it was true love or not?


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  • Because women leave the relationship months before they leave you. They've already prepared for the event. Women are very sensitive and emotional, and we see the end coming way before we take action


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  • Was the relationship bad for a while before the break up?

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      Not usually, but once it does get bad it's pretty much over almost right then or very soon after

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  • Definitely, if they don't seem to show emotion when you've broken up, then it probably wasn't true love. If I ever broke up with a guy I really really liked, it would probably take me ages to forget.

  • Sometimes people can hide their tears n pain with a smile, sometimes what people show on the outside, isn't really how they are feeling on the inside,


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