My ex and I are talking, she might get in a relationship with someone else. I want her back, 2000 word limit but I tried my best to explain?

So here's the truth- i never moved on, i was so madly in love with her that i have never even thought of anyone but her. I have had so many hook ups in my life, all before her, she was the first girl i ever dated- i really really liked her. I would do anything for her.
After we broke up, i tried to keep a poker face, though inital stages of break up when i went to her to get back, i did come across as a bit clingy, but after that i think i did pretty good in showing i have moved on
My connection with her is so amazing, i can look at her and actually know what's going on with her. And she knows all of it
She says that i'm perfect in every sense and she can't find anyone better than me. I get mixed feelings whether she has moved on or not, but i think she has, its just nostalgia that makes her say certain things.

I can't ask her to get back to me, it would show i'm weak. I dont know what i should do right now. I would do anything to have her back. I am not the person who can move on from one person to another. In fact, i was in vegas last month, i hooked up with the hottest girl i've seen (not a hooker, lol) - and i had to because i was peer pressured into it. But i stopped and just couldn't do it. Though i didn't tell anyone, but i couldnt hook up- all i could think of is her.

I want her back. I can't ask her that. I am mind fucked. i want your help. If i ask her, she might stop talking again thinking i am clingy or whatever-i dont know.
What should i do?


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  • I personally would let her go , but if your really hell bent on this girl let her know. She says yes cool you won. She says no then you two not talking will be the best. If it dosent work out wait a good while ( 3 months minimum) to start dating again because if you don't the next girl will just be a rebound. Also if it doesn't work out, during the 3 months contemplate those things she was that you absolutely must have ( like caring, funny, cook, confident, etc.) and the stuff you couldn't stand about her ( naggy, cooking, pessimist, etc.) that way when you find contestant #2 the odds are stacked in her favor a bit.
    From one bro to another I wish you luck either way.


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