(Ex) boyfriend gave me a diamond bracelet after I broke up with him?

I broke up with him 3 days ago and he seemed ok with it. Last night he came to my house drunk (he barely ever drinks) and said that he "understands why [I] broke up with him" and that I "deserve to be happy". He made me close my eyes and count to 60. When I opened them there was a note, a jewellery box and he was gone. The note said essentially that this wasn't to get me back, but just something to remember him by and that it would be better if we stayed away from each other for a while. It's all diamonds, it would have taken him ages to save up for, were both in college.

Should I give it back? If so how do I give it back, because the note said to keep our distance.
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  • You could give it back... But you could also keep it as a permanent signature for his love, kinda like a tattoo.


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  • Diamonds are a Girl's best friend as the old saying goes. And apparently, with the Pandora's Pity wagon box here, he is trying to get you to forgive him, maybe take him back and ride his caboose of cunning analogy That--------Remember him by and that it would be better if we stayed away from each other for awhile.
    He left you something to think about with you breaking off with him and wanted you do some further soul searching with the Gift that spells "I'm sorry" in his heart.
    Yes, jewels aren't cheap and if he has given this to you, he has had this most likely put away for awhile or at least the money to buy this, saving up for Some-----Special moment in time... I guess this moment was now.
    Keep it for awhile. Think it over. It's a fresh break up. Maybe you were being hasty, just angry when you gave him the boot. And if you decide you do just want to Stay away and just break all contact altogether, then mail him back His-----Taken him ages to save up for Keepsake.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Give it back. You are not bf gf any more? What this gift stands for?
    Go to his house and give it. Say thank you, but no need that.

  • woah!!! lucky you diamonds... i've never seen any diamond in front of me,,... just give it back to him


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