My ex gf said she will not meet with me said she didn't want to open up any wounds and cause more pain?

her mom forced us too break up over 1 argument over after the break up i was a dick wanted to show my gf how she made me feel when she did what she did anyway she's dating a guy who treats her like shit to get over me n get outside of her house she does not even love the guy all i will say is her mom n dad are super over protected n i know my ex still loves me

am the first guy who she ever dated to be be there for her during Valentine's Day had to stay outside in the cold snow just too give her a v day gift i have all ways have been there for my ex am the only guy she dated not to ask for nude pics or to treat her like she's just a sex object or too buy her any gift what so ever so why will she not meet me so i can get closure? sorry for any spelling errors its been a while
sorry for any errors very busy n its been awhile


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  • It's a fresh break up, her war wounds are still being licked and Now being bandaged by a Rebound Robert who just happen to be there at the right time, maybe to you Not at the Right moment, however, it is what is... for now anyways...
    I feel that her family should have stayed out of it, not gotten involved as they did. You both are old enough to be in a relationship without making it a family affair. But she allowed it, she let them interject, which is why there is not much you can do right now.
    Stay at arm's length for now. Get on with your own life, do some serious soul searching. You have a few gashes you need to heal yourself and by harping on the past and comparing him to you or how she feels with him and What she feels for you and even What you did in the past with your goods and goodies, is not going to make her come back any faster.
    However, to be fair, for I have seen it myself a million times over, when they get fed up with what is going on in their not so happy love nest, they eventually wise up, fly the coup and often come back To----Where the heart is at home.
    She has to see it for herself, you can't make her see it. Yes, it would pain her too much if she took even a glimpse of you right now, and with them being like this cult who has this spell over her and this guy that just came out of nowhere for her to try and replace you with, nothing is going to happen this very minute and the only thing you can do is either wait it out and hope for the best or move on and get on with your own life and find someone who isn't always going to be running home to mommy and daddy every time there is trouble in paradise.
    There is two sides to the coin in your scenario... Bottom line with her, I believe, Blood is thicker than water and that may never change...
    Good luck. xx

    • Yea pretty much but this guy has no feels for her n just wants sex hw try's to get in her pants 247 even tried too choke her I do agree that she will come back too me after leaving him but am going too put a little faith in her so going to her house today n telling her mom n dad am not leaving till I see her so I can tell her my true feels for her n the Trouble we had was her felt when ever we have small fights she feels line I don't love her m does something dumb

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    • Yea she said too my friend that she thinks I'll hurt her again which n is not sure what she wants right now but I wanna go see her right now it's raining outside so I think he will see me n will feel bad am in the rain but her dad. It home right now which is good should I go see her? Her mom n sister n maybe her brother is home

    • I am afraid it might stir up a hornet's nest if mom and the others see you want to see her? But yes, go over and inquire at the door and no problems if they turn you away... she might agree to seeing you... xx

Valentines Day

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  • I am not sure what your question is. I am assuming you are wanting some advice on what to do in this situation. As you can't see her physically, can you send her a letter or email? Just let her know that you care for her and that you are there for support or help if she ever needs it. it sounds like this guy is the rebound guy, and in time she will see his true nature and move on.

    • that n this quiestion i want to know what it means? My ex gf said she will not meet with me said she didn't want to open up any wounds and cause more pain?

    • n going to try n see her today no matter what not letting her mom n dad control our life she's 20 years old

  • Move on, This relationship is over and you need to find a way of coming to terms with it without speaking to her. You no longer have a relationship, she doesn't owe you anything.

    • Your wrong she owns me everything we were best friends before dating all I will say if it was not for me she will not even be alive today even after we break up I was there for her I have all ways been there for her n she owns me the same

    • Oh I see, so you only acted that way to receive it in return? No, she doesn't owe you anything emotionally since you are no longer a couple.

    • I acted that why because I cared about her she still cares. For me so she should do the same for me In return when u know a friend is in pain u don't leave them to die u give them your hand n help them out that easy but I want more then closure

  • I Would find it hurtful if my ex bf wanted to contact me just for his own selfish reason of wanting 'closure'

    it's done. the break up is official. my ex bf of 3 years is someone who I thought I'd end up getting married with. for anyone who is close to their heart or empathetic, you can understand why no one wants to open up their own wounds by seeing that person they use to be 'happy moved on without them'

    how do you know if her parents are forcing her to see a jerk? that sucks but if you're not bothering her, then she wouldn't shut you out to move on.

    • i do want closure but look after the break up i helped my ex out she could not eat or sleep n i help her is it so wrong as her to do the same for me look i fucking love the girl more then anything deep down i want her back but she will not fight for me

    • Sorry eror it's not wrong for me too ask my ex for closure I helped her get hers the girl could not eat or sleep n I helped her get through it so it's not wrong for me to ask my ex too do the same for me n her mom force us too break up my ex was deeply in love with me I still my ex but she's not willing to fight for me she using this guy who treats her like shit n controls her even tried to Choke her just so she can get over me all my ex has too do is stand up for us n her mom would let herd are me again beside if I told u what m ex did u would understand why we had a fight all I will say is my ex is very very very insecure. Sorry for any spelling mistakes

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Valentines Day