Girls how do you react to defriending?

Imagine you broke up with you boyfriend... You were head over heels in love with him. You even dreamt about moving in and getting married.
Suddenly you lost your atttractio to him and you break up, but inssist you stay friends.

The guys tried to reach out to you. Still gives you attention via text. You on the other hand show very little interrest in him. You may ask how he is doing or ask about his job, and when he replies you go cold again for like a week.

Suddenly you notice the guy has removed you from Facebook and all other social platforms you use...

How would you react? Would you contact him and ask what is going on right away? Would you asume he is pissed and give him a few days to cool down before asking? Or would you just not care?

Yes, I am the guy :)


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  • If I didn't like him at all anymore and inored him I probably wouldn't even notice or care.

    A guy I unfollowed so I could try to get over him unfollowed me back and I felt a bit offended. when I followed him again he didn't follow me back and I felt so mad because he is friends with me on every other social media and talks to me at school like no stop being fake either follow me back or nothig at all. I care this much because he is my crush

    So yea I still overexaggerate I guess because I deserved it

    • Thank you for the most helpful! :)

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  • I rarely go on Facebook so I probably won't know until months after he did it lol I wouldn't care at all, we are broken up so that's that. I have no reason to stay connected to them.

  • Facebook means nothing.


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