I dont know what to do please help mee?

im in a long distance relationship and my boy friend always asks me for attention tho i give him he wants more... he keeps nagging about him not getting his sexual needs... and now he is sayin that he doesn't wanna be just a number and im tired of his attitude and taking breaks we are always fighting but i love him and so is. and he gets angry all the time what should i do


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  • If he needs more attention etc, he should just come over and be with you. He sounds like a passive whiner. This kind of man is useless in the long-term. It is plain logic, that if you want something, you go and get it. If he lacks this drive and is demanding, he will forever be a miserable baby if someone does not cater to him. You will be miserable too, toiling to all his needs. Dump his ***.

  • He is only in this for the attention he is getting from you. Dropping him is the only way the relationship can end without serious repercussions.


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