This girl wants me to help her cheat?

I liked a girl last year. We didn't get physical but we were romantic. Since we didn't officially get together, we drifted apart and she got a boyfriend.

She's still into me and she's been dating him for 7 months. It's disgusting because she says she loves me but sleeps with him. I'm pretty sure she has been implying that we should have sex. She also said that she would dump her boyfriend for me.

I know she doesn't really like him because they always fight and I don't know the guy personally. She's really idealistic, already dreaming about a future with this guy but she's also really miserable without me, so she says. Why doesn't she just dump him?

Should I help break them up aka tap it or leave it?


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  • You go, girl. That's what men typically do and now you can see how it actually feels. Leave her, she's keeping you just "in case" and probably wants to get into sexual relationship with you. Nothing more.


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