I just broke up with my suicidal boyfriend over text.. now what?

I just broke up with him... i was not happy with him, he was not happy either, but he was dragging this relationship. We were talking on WhatsApp and I did it.. i would've ended it months ago, but he always threatened me with suicide.. this time with courage I did it... and when we said goodnight he said "Have a very happy life ahead" and he has deleted WhatsApp now!" its 2 Am in the morning.. we are just 17.. i can't get to his parents in anyway! And PLEASE read my last two questions (regarding my boyfriend), they'll tell u more about him and help u in answering! PLEASE help!! I am really scared! What if he DOES kill himself?


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  • First off, it's pretty crappy to break up over text. Doesn't matter how bad of a relationship (unless it's abusive), you really need to do that in person. Just out of respect if nothing else.

    To the point, get in touch with someone in his family or someone else who can find him. He needs help. If you can't get a hold of them, call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline and ask for help 1-800-273-TALK.


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  • does he have a cell phone? call him. if he doesn't, why don't you go to his house and make sure he isn't going to doing anything rash.

    • I can't do that! Its 2 AM in the morning right now! And I am just 17!! Should I call him? I am hesitating because I JUST broke up with him! What should I say?

    • if you're 16 or 17 you should have a driver's license, if not, you can ask your parents and rationally explain your situation. if its someone's life on the line, they should understand.

      if you're not going to go see him i would definitely call.

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  • I have seen several guys before throw the suicide BS around before. If they are really stupid enough to do that then oh well, but most of the time they won't really. It is just a common lie to make you stay with him

  • Call the cops and have them do a welfare check (state of the person, health, etc.)


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