Falling back to my previous thoughts of my ex.. help?

My ex and i broke up 2 months ago. We dated for 5 years and lately I've been really happy with my life and all the things that have been happening, in fact, i stopped caring about my ex and i wasn't thinking about her so much but I am slowly falling back to where i was. wondering what she is up to and what she's doing and who she could be with or if she moved on already and maybe if she is doing better than me.

How can i keep on living this way without caring about what she's doing or if she's with someone else? Im happy the way i am but i really dont want to get back to that stage WHAT DO I DO?


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  • I am quite sure you have heard the old Saying: Why fix what doesn't need to be fixed? This is the way I am feeling with you right now, sweetie, because now that you have finally got her out of your life, your head, you've moved on, you're 'Happy with my life,' why mess with Success?
    You may think you are Really over the hump, that you are stronger now, that one little text could Never be a dealbreaker to bring you right back to Square One. However, look at a drug addict, an alcoholic who is On the wagon and put One Little drink, one little piece of rock in front of their noses, and Off they fall from Not just the wagon but on to a "Pity wagon" instead.
    One contact to her could be your demise. The old skeletons in the closet may rattle and roar, you both may end up meeting up, hooking up... and back to the old ways the merry go round will go, bringing you even Longer this time, to a full circle recovery that you didn't anticipate but was told by someone who is very wise... me.
    Good luck. xx


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  • Time. And spend your energy on other people. I can't stress this enough. You need to get out there and go on dates with other girls. Nothing serious. Just get used to being with other girls who find you attractive.
    When you're alone, spend time letting go of negative emotions over your ex. Take up yoga or meditating. Something you can do in quiet so you can reset your mind and keep your thoughts and emotions in check

    • If you ignore your emotions, they will always be below the surface. If you deal with them, you can let them go and really be over your ex

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  • I too was in a 5 year relationship with my Ex. The same thing happen to me expect it took me 7 months to realize I still loved him. I just needed time to get myself together. We are currently working on getting back together thankfully he didn't move on completely with someone else. But he did have a girlfriend when I came back in the picture.

    • i have a question, im kinda in the same thing boyfriend of 6 years broke up with me, i dont really know why, but you said that you guys are working on getting back together well can you tell me what steps you took? bc my ex has a girlfriend but i want him back i love him so much. how do you go by contacting him? do you tell him how you feel or? thanks

    • It was not easy let me say that first. You want to see if he still care or even still loves you. In order to know is by reaching out. If he ignores you then the feeling may not be mutual. But if he's open to talk you or even see you then there's hope. My Ex lie about his gf at first that let me know he still cares about me , and the girl he's was with wasn't important. Our relationship is still rocky but I just refuse to give up! I love him. I recently stopped putting my feelings out there. I just started working on myself to become a better person for him as well as myself. I changed all the things that made him less interested in me.

    • so even if im scared to reach out i have to? how did he lie? and my ex i think she is a rebound not sure but they started seeing eachother 2 weeks after the breakup and and a couple weeks later they are dating, i have no idea what he's thinking we haven't talked in a month so i dont know anything, was his girl a rebound? could i message you and tell you my story then you can give me feedback bc it looks like we were in the same boat only now you are with your ex and im not yet?

  • who broke up with who? it sounds like you are not over her yet, i mean 5 years is a long time, why did you breakup?

    • We had a mutual break up becuase she finally realized she was with me because of the emotional attachment. Me on the other hand felt the same way. So we decided to end things because there just wasn't love anymore. In fact, I told her this was gonna end soon because i knew we both were not putting enough effort. After the break up it hit me hard because i was so used to talking to her and having her there all the time. Now i don't and I'm happier but seeing my friends starting relationships and other couples that are happy remind me of my relationship even though i dont want to be wit my ex ever again. So i dont really know why i think about her when i don't care what she's up yo

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    • Well it sounds like your doing better and good call on being single for a while I wish you the best!!

    • Thank you!! For sure im gonna enjoy this single life as much as i can. In fact, im already enjoying it although Its been a while since I was single. Anyways thanks for the advice once again!!

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