My bf broke up with me saying he wasn't ready for a serious relationship and we should take things slower... What does he mean by that?

We were together for a month when I noticed that he was becoming a little distant and so I asked him what was wrong and he told me that he thought he was ready for a serious relationship but he found out he wasn't but he says he really likes me still and wants to see me still but that we should just be friends and take things slow. I am so confused i mean if he wasn't ready for a serious relationship than why did he ask me out in the first place?


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  • It could be you were too clingy. He could have gotten scared off by the idea of a LTR. Maybe he really likes you but isn't fully ready to nail it down. At the same time he doesn't want to lose you either.

    He could be a player too. It's just too hard to say.
    You scare him?
    He scare himself?
    He want to play field.

    Seems like your 3 main options.


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  • He could be a player he could be I'm not saying he is. My ex was a player, he was afraid to commit in a relationship, good at stringing me along, made me feel special by bribing with words, it was all great for a while until I found his true colors. He could be a player if he doesn't really know what he wants out of a relationship and what to look for in a women. I don't think he is ready to commit and I don't think he knows what to look for in a person and what he wants in and out of a relationship.


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  • he's changed his mind on the relationship, he either thought it would be different or just doesn't see you romantically anymore so bad news for you. the other reasons may be he has found someone else. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news

  • He still wants to string u along for sex while he looks around at other girls. Dump him and move the fuck on


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