Did your parents' divorce affect you as a child?

Did your parents' divorce affect you as a child? What did you feel when it happened? How would these memories shape or influence your own attitude towards, if at all?


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  • I only learnt about my parents' divorce 4 years later, at age 13. My dad was already not really present in my life, I guess the divorce made it worse. So yeah I'd say it affected me in the way that it gave me a negative view on fathers and men in general...


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  • No not really, however my parents divorced when I was 18 months old - my dad met my step mum when I was 3 - it never really effected me. My parents fought like cat and dog - I'm not even sure how they were in the same room long enough for me to be concieved, never mind married! I think my upbringing was happier because of it :)


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