Why does my ex girlfriend keep ignoring me?

So me and my ex girlfriend had a really good relationship, we have been going out for 10 months and have spoken about moving in together, getting married and all that other stuff. She was very romantic with me, she always told me how much she loved me, and cared about me and missed me. Whenever we were together she always had her hands on me, and at times it did get a bit annoying but I didn't mind because I was happy to have someone love me as much as she claimed to. So during our 10 month relationship, I had broken up with her about 7 times and it was always over something stupid. This really had nothing to do with her but it was pretty much all on me because that was just the way I handled situations. I'm the type of person who has a hard time controlling his emotions so when I get pissed off I just kinda blow up and say things I do not mean. So even though I broke up with her about 7 times I never actually meant to break up with her, I've always told her that I say things I don't mean when I'm upset and that she was the only girl I wanted to be with. Well recently I have broken up with her again, over something stupid but now she just keeps ignoring me. Every other time this has happened we would talk and get back together. But this time she has just kept completely ignoring me and it's been like this for a little over a weak. I'm very confused as to why she would be ignoring me like this and not even say a word. She just completely cut me out of my life for the time being and I'm so confused as to why she is acting like this She used to always tell me how much she loved me and all that so I'm not sure if she's ignoring me cause she wants space or if she has moved on or what the hell is going through her head cause she won't talk to me. I'm just curious as to why is she acting like this, it's very frustrating.


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  • Being broken up with is extremely hurtful, damaging to a self-esteem, breaks trust, and is straight up exhausting. The fact that you've done this to her 7+ times, I wouldn't be surprised if this was her breaking point. As much as she loves you, it is an extreme emotional roller coaster to be dealing with a guy who breaks up with you at every whim. You have to realize that maybe she doesn't want to be treated like someone you can just throw away, and even if you don't mean it in that way, when you break up with her out of pure emotion, it leaves the impression that it wasn't even a difficult decision and that you don't mind being without her. If you want my opinion, just let her know that you're ready to talk and make things better, and then give her space. Let her come to you on her own. She's probably having an intense inner battle deciding whether or not she'll go back to you (or at least I would be) and if she doesn't come back, then you need to respect her decision.


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  • I was in the same situation your ex was in. My boyfriend kept breaking up with me and then wanting me back... the third time was the final straw for me, and as much as it hurt to leave him, I knew I had to. The emotional roller coaster he put me on was too damaging to me and I couldn't put up with it anymore. I don't blame your ex for leaving you and ignoring you. She knows she doesn't deserve that treatment especially if she shows you so much love. I think you have a lot of growing up to do...

  • To answer your question: Why does my ex girlfriend keep ignoring me? Because she is now your EX girlfriend and she doesn't deserve to be dumped every month over silly things. No woman does. Seems like the ship has sailed. I definitely think you need some help reading your question. Its not normal for a guy to behave this way. Its good for her that she realized she deserved something better and more stable.

  • Because you being a horrible boyfriend I don't blame her! Each time you do it you are hurting her and sounds like she's finally sick of you and has decided she deserves someone better which is true

  • Realize that someone can only be broken up with so many times before they can no longer handle the pain and hurt that comes along with it. The fact that you broken up with her so many times shows that you aren't really into the relationship thing, or maybe that might be how she feels. I can tell you I would've left by the second time, no matter how much i loved you.
    But try getting a chance to sit down with her, and explain exactly how you feel. If you love her, you have to tell her, and you REALLY have to show it. You can't keep putting her through the pain of a breakup. You either keep her, or leave her. You can't choose when you want to be with and when you don't. Relationships are commitments, you need to commit to it if you want her.


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