Winning ex girlfriend back at university (college)?

Ex and I dated for 2 years 4 months (talked for a couple years beforehand). Utterly perfect relationship. She was always the type to miss me as soon as I left her house, and we were the type to always text. ALSO - we were each others first everything (except kiss).
We went to the same university, wasn't intentional, we didn't tell each other our choices until we got them. When we found out, we were both fine with it and decided then to limit time seeing each other at university as we both realised that we would be living with others, etc. However, I struggled to settle, as such wanted to see her, but also didn't as I wanted her to settle (which she did and i'm glad she did)
Friday freshers week... she cheats on me whilst drunk with some boy from the flat next door. She told me immediately..
I forgave her. She said it made her realise how much she loved me. Anyway.. she broke up with me a week after saying she felt guilty, and that she wanted to be able to kiss someone in a club if she wanted too, as she hadn't before (wasn't the type to go out, but I told her I wanted to try it at uni) I accepted it, but let her know I loved her still, she said she did too. We've texted a little since, but i'm trying NC. Also, I've changed accommodation and become much happier, and go out with my new flat mates. My question though.. I've recently found out she's now dating this guy.. yet he's never been her type. She hasn't told me but her flatmate did. He's also cheated on his girlfriends before. I'm not going to dissuade her, it's her life, but I want her back as i'm still madly in love with her. I am trying to move on, yet my every thought seems to be of her. It hasn't been a month, yet she seems to have moved on. It's really hurting to think like that. I'm so confused, we always talked about the future and she is my dream lady, and she always said likewise. I've read about 'GIGS' - is this it? I would appreciate advice from girls on how to move forward and win her back.


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  • she probably wanted a different guy for her different life (as she probably sees it now).

    you have to accept that you can't change her or make her love you again. you could've fought for her when you both were going through the breaking up process, but I don't know how well that would've gone. regardless, she has moved on and you need to realize that she isn't going to be with you, for the time being at least.

    • I have accepted that and I would never try to make her do anything. Honestly, if she is happy then I am glad for her, despite how much it hurts me. I understand what you're saying though. I did fight for her, yet I also wanted to give her the space she wanted as well as respect her decision. What confuses me also though, is that she still wears the rings I got her for Valentine's day, etc. Whilst I understand she may just like them, it just confuses me - as well as the fact that she still has photos of us two from our time together up on her wall, as well as the framed picture of us at her prom. I just struggle to understand how she has moved on so quickly, but I do realise that.
      Thanks for your opinion :)

    • you were a part of her life, so its okay for her to still have pictures. and yes, she probably likes wearing the rings.

    • Yeah, I understand. Thank you.

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