Break up, friends working on our relationship?

my boyfriend and i broke up 3 weeks ago, at the end of the second week we ended up talking. He said that he doesn't want to jump back into are relationship because he thinks im going to break up with him again so he said he wants to take it slow and be friends and work on our relationship. Before are break up we were dating for 9 months. before we broke up we had been arguing alot. i broke up with him because i didn't feel that he wanted this like i did. i had felt that he was losing interest in me. we stopped talkin everday and we stopped hanging out and when we did it was only for a few hours then he would leave and go hangout with his guy friends. but when i ask him he says he wants to be with me, and im confused on what i should do, can anyone just give some advice


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  • if you aren't feeling like he is giving you ample time, then you need to tell him that. he needs to listen to what you have to say, but you also need to listen to him give his side and explain himself. after that and you two are on the same page, decide if its worth staying together or going your separate ways.


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