He said he can't marry me because of my past?

Hi, am 26yrs old in a 6months relationship with a 29yrs old guy. got to be honest I met my boyfriend back in 2012, but we neva dated until 2014, he is a great guy, I use to be a street hustler when we met, he got me off the street, gave me a beta opportunity to make money without compromising my body, he knew all of me, he knows my story and my reason for being in the street. we have being datin ever since, I luv him so much and I know he loves me too, but recently I joke with him about our future together, but to my surprise he said that he can't marry me, that he love me but can't look pass my past hustling. i was terribly hurt cus I felt judged and thought it wasn't fair holding my past against me and not wanting to marry me cus of it, he want to remain just friends with benefit. I told him it's over, cus I was heartbroken that he didn't pause for a second before tellin me he can't marry me. problem is he has refuse to let me go. he kept callin, he told me he was sorry and that he was just bein honest and that he was concern about what pple will say about him marryin me that I shod take it slowly with him, wen ever we made luv he neva like usin condom, I asked him what if he had got me pregnant, wen he knows he can't marry me. he said if I get pregnant I gonna be havin his child. I fink he is try to deliberately get me pregant. am confuse with all his recent apology, I fink he is just consorin me cus he knew what he said hurt me. I want to move on but it's hard cus we wrk together and I get to see him evryday and talk to him on fone. it's difficult for me to move forward. shoud I still give him time? is there a chance he mite love me enough to look past my past life? why does he wan a baby wen he can't marry me? are his apologies sincere? what can I do? am confuse with frustration cus even if I wan to break up wit him, I can't heal or focus at wrk as I see him evryday. pls help me with a thought. THANKS
Tanks guys, just that seein him at wrk evryday makes it hard to move, plus he kept sayin sorry that he didn't mean it.


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  • Hey, the way I see it, good humans understand and accept that some people have had bad pasts. Me personally, I relate to people who had tough pasts and believe they make us stronger and wiser people. Even things that seem ok at the time, may not look good when a bit older. I think he is playing you and you DESERVE a more understanding and mature guy.

    • Tank u, it hurts me cus I can't take back what's done, and it made me start remembering all of the tin dat put me in the street in the first place. I just wish that wasn't his only reason. I chould never do that to him.

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  • This mother fuker thinks he's gonna insult you and still get some? Yeah OK. Let his ass judge all he wants BUT you are not that girl anymore? You made mistakes and yet his still thinks he's better than you? Um no, FUCK THAT. He is not. You need to worry about you. Cut this kid off.. how silly. Find a man who knows your worth and who doesn't judge you.

    • Thanks, it was helpful. it's just hard hearin that from him cus I thought he love me and I love him too.

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  • He wanted the booty all for himself the whole time... A real man could handle and let your past go. Whats in the past has been done and there's nothing anyone can do about that.


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  • That mofo conned you and groomed you to be his sex toy. Hope you find someone better.


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