I dnt understand someone help?

My ex and I have been broken up for 3mths he has told me that right now he's not ready for a relationship. He at first broke up with me because of trust issues. He's told me right now he isn't ready for a relationship. Before we would have sex but than I've realized I don't want to be with somebody who isn't even with me. He even told me one time he only wanted me for my body. However, when we see each other now he gives me hugs all the time and even tries to kiss me. Last time I said he cldnt do that because we are not together he said it as right but tried to kiss me again and than kissed me on my mouth. Today we shared a passionate kiss. He's even gotten jealous before if he sees me looking at another guy. Do you'll think I should be patient and win his trust or just act like I dnt care to make him commit.. i feel he still has feelings for me because at times he will come from behind and give me a hug. What do you'll think?


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  • It seems like he wants to keep his options open. Did he have a bad breakup prior to dating you? Why does he have trust issues? I knew a girl once that had such bad trust issues from a prior relationship that she could not even be with the father of her child and he was a good person. In any case, answer those questions and you might find an answer. I would stop kissing him though and take a step back. You can't see if you are blinded.

    • He really was so in love with me but he felt I broke his heart and it seems like he can't trust me.. i feel at times he would want to be with me but he remembers the hurt I put him through. He "thought" i cheated on him and in his mind nothing will change that assumption. I remember when he thought it hapnd he cried as if somebody passed away from how heartbroken he was

    • Why would he think that you cheated on him? He shouldn't have trust issues from something that did not happen, but I suppose with his response, he truly did believe it happened and he may need some therapy to get past it. ptsd doesn't just happen to soldiers, any type of traumatic event could cause it.

    • Yah in my heart I know I really hurt him he even throws every once in awhile hints such as "you left with my heart" "No 1 has ever hurt me like you have" he shuts down when I want to talk about us and basically makes it seem like I dnt have a say so right now. he wants me to not leave either because I've told him b4 if u cnt commit than ima keep my distance and he tells me not to.. and part of me is scared to lose him but I don't know what to do, do I stick around and gain his trust or not allow him to hug or kiss me until he makes up his mind. I love him so much.. he feels I cheated with him when I went out with a guy friend but I had took a gf with me at the time because him n I at the time had a small argument. and my friends told him when they asked what I did for the weekend since than he wldnt stop looking through my pgone and always questioned when I would talk to a guy friend. I swear I never did anything and I even took a girl with me but to him I cheated

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  • Yawn. How common and boring is this BS he is feeding you? NO! He can keep his fucking hands to himself if he doesn't trust you. da fuq...

    • Yeah like if you dnt trust than leave me alone.. last time I tried to ignore him and he kept trying to talk o me

    • Shut it down. He can go find someone he trusts? How insulting to you? That he would not trust you?

    • Exactly... i guess it's because i love him so much I miss being with him and it's hard to say no but your right it's disrespectful to me... i really need to be stronger and not let him continue to do that

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