Am I being unreasonable to my ex or is this fair?

My ex moved out of our apartment with her new boyfriend. She left me all the furniture, and other stuff. She left me the bed bug investigated bed, and an old couch.

We lived together for a year and she agreed to leave the furniture to me and I said I would re-pay her for her deposit which she put down originally.

She asked that I pay the deposit to her ASAP once she left. I wanted to pay it once I had my own lease rather than before.

She calls and is super pissed why I haven't paid her. I said I wanted to wait until the new lease is drafted. She said that it doesn't involve her at all and that we agreed I would pay her. I asked, what is a few days to make sure everything works out?

Was this unreasonable of me not to pay her yet?


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  • Follow through on what you committed and move on. Otherwise your just torturing yourself and her.

    • Yes, but what is 2-3 days longer than the weekend?

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  • You are being reasonable, just because she's pissed doesn't mean the money will come any faster. you aren't a piƱata that you gotta beat an money falls out. pay her when you can. (in my honest opinion, i wouldn't even pay her. she have have the bug infested furniture instead)

    • She donated the furniture to me and a bunch of other stuff. Otherwise I would be sleeping on the floor. But the timing for it isn't bad right?

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    • The psych drove 40 miles to my house to get this stuff... what a b...

    • and that is how you know a psych. really? you couldn't detect it from the start?

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