First girlfriend (she feels guilty) dumped me. Most complicated girl I ever met but I still love her :\?

We lasted ten months, she (18) was out of her first relationship of 1 year and 7 months, after 1-2 weeks she was in a relationship with me (20) already, now.. i really hope i haven't been used as a rebound coz dat would be too heartbreaking... i see now the red flags which got more obvious in the past months.. didn't knew back then coz it was my first relation lel.. so.. she is a pessimistic-depressive-antisocial girl (not the most beautiful but not ugly either, with a hot body) after the break up she said she still wants to be friends coz i'm a great person and she doesn't want to lose meh, so i accepted just to deny her 1 week later before her b-day , ofc i re-called her to say sorry and dat we should still be friends.. she apologised for something too, it's been almost a month and i started NC since last week till now coz i was the only one trying to make contact (she-s too stubborn to call first), and in the last months she was looking for reasons to make me hate her, even though she told me she would always fight for me and that she can't imagine her life without me, ofc it didn't work coz i love her harder now, in the breaking-up day she told me that she could fall in love with my best-friend so i can finally hate her (that didn't work either xD) since then she's talking with him on the phone (it's her only true friend) i remember a few times she told me dat if she would do a stupid thing like "leaving me" in the future she would've regreted it and want to come back but she would be too afraid coz i wouldn't want her (false i still do/will) our mutual friend (my ex-best-friend) told me that she called him and told him dat after our break up she had 2 one night-stands when she was drunk (dunno if kisses or actual sex) and ofc she cried to him again of how guilty she feels for breaking my heart, now i remember her ex was making her to feel sad but with me she was so happy and optimistic even after her dad forbided her to see me she still did it for 5 months..


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  • You don't need her she already broke your heart to many times


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