Any tips on how I can get over him?

About an hour ago I got a message from a number that wasn't on my contacts list. The area code was from New Jersey and immediate I began to think it was my ex since he's the only person I know who's from the east coast. At first my reaction was just "Oh sh*t. Well this is unexpected." Instead of assuming it was him, I just asked who it was and while I waited I began to contemplate how I felt if it turned out to be him. In doing so, my mind wandered to think about how he broke my heart not just once but twice. And how he was kind of an ass for how he did it. But in spite of that, I know that when we were together I was truly in love with him and I know it sounds silly. Believe me, I know. It's been almost a year since I last saw him.

Anyone got any advice on how to get over an ex, especially your first love?


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  • First if all then, everything was great between u? Then he breaks your heart so if he loved u as u lived him then would he have done that? So then I guess u gave him another chance and hey ho he breaks your heart again!! There is a sign there somewhere that the way u felt about him was way more than he felt about u.

    So how to get over somebody that keeps breaking your heart... you said u sat and thought about him after he text again and you'd not seen each other for over a year. During those thoughts you couldn't help thinking how he broke your heart, so thunk again how that felt, think how hurt u were and how the love u had for him was just not given to u in return and then think "do I want to feel like that again" ? Stop thinking of him and if u get a reply saying it is definitely him, then don't reply back. Your better off leaving it even change your number if u can and don't give this guy a third chance to break your heart you deserve better. When u meet somebody that u get the same love back from as u are giving then u will soon get over him because then you'll know what a relationship should be like. Good luck

    • the text wasn't from him. It was from an old friend who was trying to get back in touch. And of course I wouldn't get back with him after the second time. But it still stings thinking about him. So all I was asking was how to get over feeling that pain. Guess i should have made that a bit more clear.

    • U st remember how shit he made u feel, I don't think I'd be still holing a candle for somebody that broke my heart twice and you'll soon forget when u meet somebody that loves u as much in return. Don't think about him, there isn't a magic answer I know its hard when u have loved like that but I guess only time is the best cure, it really is a great healer but until that time comes just don't think about him and enjoy life meet somebody that will love u like u deserve. Good luck

    • thanks

  • Time. And endure. Its been 4 months for me and I still think about it. I'm sorry. But I fucked up once and I just wish she'd give me another chance. There's a reason why I did what I did and it wasn't meant to seem heartless.
    Don't dwell too much on trying to make sense of things. But when your thoughts do take over, just stay logical and reasonable.


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