My Ex boyfriend is a social path and manipulate people to think is always a victim. In reality he is abusive towards people?

So my ex bf of 3 years broke up with me two weeks ago but he decide to tell everyone on Facebook yesterday. With in the 2 wks we were friends even tho I didn't want to, but he insisted. The whole time I just felt hurt because how he broke up with me.
I thought everything was good. We were talking about moving in together. He borrowed a lot of money from me the day before he broke up with me (he plays a lot of poker). Next day he calls and say he don't want a gf anymore, he want to be single. I was crushed, he ask me could we be friends with benefits? I said no, so he remain just my friend.
This pass weekend he gotten emotionally and verbally abusive towards me and I had enough. I told he don't ever call me again. Now he is making look like to everyone I hurt him. Making statement on fb "I have to get use to single life"
Newsflash you been broke up with me for the 15 time in 3yrs. I'm the victim, he wants attention from everyone as usual. Why do people like him never says sorry? Never realize they were wrong? He called me horrible things 2yrs out of the 3. I gave him so much money that there isn't nothing left. I feel used and hurt. Honestly wanting revenge but don't know what to do because it not me. What to do?


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  • lol at "social path" its called Sociopath. and I'm sorry you had to go through that but all in all, it seems like you knew what to do and what to reject but you let your emotions get the better of you. We are all victims of that.

    • I didn't know how to spell. I have to learn English again due to my accident. This is the worst my life ever been. Suicide thoughts keep creeping in my mind.

    • I really hope you don't go through with suicide. and i was just pointing it out, a lot of people are way worse. at least i got the message. Sorry to hear u had an accident, what was it?

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