Do guys tend to move on quicker when they jump into a rebound relationship?

Do guys tend to move on quicker from their ex after their breakup by getting into a rebound relationship?
I think my ex boyfriend seems happier then I thought he would be.


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  • no they tend to numb the pain for a longer period of time, but move on quicker? it usually is never the case, its an illusion!

    • Thanks for that! He does seem really happy and the girl is somehow the perfect one he always brags about it on Twitter but she seems so happy too so I don't know !
      I guess I should take the pain the natural way and move on without getting into a rebound

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  • I would say guys put on a really tough front when they are really dying inside. They get out there to try to stay busy or try to find it with someone else.

    I used work as my escape from issues.

  • Nope, I don't think so...

    • How comes?

    • From my experience, when I fall in love, it takes me several years to recover :(

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