Does my ex ever think about me?

My ex and I dated off and on for about 8 years. During our last "off" times.. he met a girl, dated her, she got pregnant, and that was the end of us. He ended up marrying her. We have mutual friends who say he married her out of obligation. Which is beyond sad. Its been 10 years, I think of him often. I saw him the other night at a friends birthday. We talked for hours. It was like we picked up where we left off. I wonder if he ever thinks of me?


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  • If you are smart - you will forget about this guy. To get involved in this relationship would be a disaster. Let's say he still likes you. You get him to leave her, and he is paying alimony and child support, and you are both stuggling. then he has to go see the kid, and you wonder if, while he is there, he is not banging her again? This situation is bad news. He made his bed and now he has to sleep in it. For you to get in would be a disaster. There are plenty of guys in the world - find a single one.

    • I have no intention of ever getting involved. Just curious.

    • GOOD DECISION. However, even the curiosity can lead to something that you will regret. You know all of those "old-people" sayings that have been around forever, like "if you play with fire you will get burnt" and "curiosity killed the cat?" Well, they have been around forever because there is some truth in them. Sometimes we get curious, we get to a line we know we should not cross, then passion kicks in and the line is gone. Just be careful, you will be doing yourself a big favor and will be happy for it.

    • by the way - all men think about their "exes" at times. Even at my age (in 50s) I sometimes think of a few of my old flames, and even one that I should have asked out but did not. I met her when I was about 22 and she was 17, and that scared me off, even though I felt incredible attraction to her on a number of levels I found out years later that she felt the same as I did. Still, even though she haunts my thoughts from time to time, I would not consider acting on that now, even if I had the chance.

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  • No matter the reason why you think he married her he married her and not you
    She is his wife
    It's a huge sign he has moved on
    I don't know if he thinks about you but he seems like he loves his kid and I think that is his first priority and he chose to marry her
    So I don't think he thinks about you romantically
    He's in your past and you are in his past


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  • Omg im going through the same, and I wonder the same too!


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