I want my long distance boyfriend back?

My long distance broke up with me 3 days ago due to me causing too much drama in his life. We were happily in love for 1 year and 2 months was the craziest since I couldn't handle the distance anymore. I broke up with him twice because he can't make time for me but eventually got back cause of compromises which was eventually broken. I just don't get how he can't text or call me first I have to ask him to but I see him on Facebook all the time when he is on. I'm really hurt that he called it quit since I try making so much effort on our relationship and one step closer to being with him again. I tried my best not to text him but I couldn't handle it so I just ask how he's doing and everything but all I get is a "good" and that's all about it. We add each other on Facebook again but I unfriend him since he added the girls he liked before.. He deleted them when we were dating. I keep looking at his FB constantly and trying my best not to message him.. I've been writing all my feelings on a piece of paper instead of txting him. I want him back so bad but I don't think he wants me anymore. What to do?


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  • Be patient and lower your expectations, for the moment at lest, then, after a few days or so, attempt to reach out to him.

    Elseways, as best as you can, move on. As you've indicated, he simply seems unable or perhaps unwilling to sustain the necessary changes to ultimately give you what you need to be satisfied in a relationship with him.

    For this, your needs may continue to go unmet if you decide to reunite with him.


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