How to get over a bad break up?

I started to talking to a guy on lol in July. We started to get close and on August 30th we started an official relationship. we beca really attached to each other. But I lied about something small and he broke up with me. It's been difficult without him so I texted him today and let him know all my feelings. He says that he loves me "so much" but the problem now is location and not seein each other. Then he proceeded to tell me that he's talking to someone and that he wants to be with her and that he loves... Loves her. I responded making it obvious I'm upset and he told that he didn't lead me on so I need to "chill the fuck out!" It hurt so much when he said that. It made me cry but I still love him and can't be mad at him. How do I get over this? It hurts like a knife
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  • You're a girl you have all the cards in the dating world, lol you really don't know how much power you have.

    He was honest and upfront that he found someone to talk to after you guys broke up. I'd apologize to him explain that you cared and thats why you got angry. But he didn't lead you on, he didn't lie or try and keep two going at the same time. Be very grateful he was blunt and honest, thats a hard quality to find these days.

    I don't know how old you are but unless your above 50 the dating world is at your feet lol.


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  • I would move on and date someone else or talk to another guy make him jealous there's ways to make a guy jealous without coming off as liking someone else but i would stay focus on family and friends to be honest relationships aren't really everything hang out with friends that stay in contact with you that don't just put there boyfriend first but there friendships but your single friends are the best ones to hang out with they will understand how you feel and have fun with you and not worry about getting serious but keep you on track on focusing on the important stuff like your future and doing what makes you happy


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