Would it be stupid to break up with someone because you think you're more invested in the relationship than they are?

i think i'm way more invested in my relationship than my boyfriend is so i feel like i should break up with him because it's giving me anxiety. i can't trust someone who seems like they want to hide me. we agreed that we are officially in a relationship but he doesn't tell anyone so i feel weird talking about it with anyone especially our mutual friends. would it be stupid to end it? it scares me and feels unfair. i want to tell people because i'm happy but the fact that he doesn't want people to know puts a huge damper on my happiness...
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  • It's not stupid. A relationship is about equal respect. You both must give 100% to it or don't even bother. It is unfair, and if it is causing you so much distress then it is just not good for you in general.
    Move on to someone that will try


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  • Why waste your valuable time on someone who from what sounds like isn't that committed to you? I know i wouldn't. If he really loved and cared for you, he'd tell everyone y'all are together and not be hiding things. My bf was doing that at first but i told him i was leaving bc of said reasons and he cut the shit real quick. You need to tell your man what's on your mind. Put your foot down girl!


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  • Don't know. Invested does not matter. The fact that he is dishonest and ashamed of you matters. I'd get someone that loves you and is proud of you.


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