Im hurt and confused on what to do with my ex girlfriend, please help I just want her back more than anything?

My gf broke up with me on Tuesday October 7th after being together for almost a year. She fell in love with me the moment she saw me and has never been in love with anyone like this before. We were really good for eachother and loved eachother like never before. We broke up because of the way i was starting to act at the end of the relationship being unhappy and she was getting stressed out feeling like she couldnt make me happy anymore. She told my sad that maybe in a month or so we might be able to work things out and she's never met anyone like me before. On October 10th she told me she wished she could have seen me before leaving for the weekend to maybe talk things over and on Sunday October 12th she called me and we talked for awhile about us. She said that she felt i gave up on her which i didnt. I saw on the Monday October 13th because she was giving me back some stuff and talked for 45 minutes before she left she came into me and started hugging me tightly and then we started to kiss really deeply and loving. I then saw her on Saturday October 18 to get the rest of my stuff, it was just the two of us at her place. I started going off on a story and when i finished she say i didn't hear one word you said and just starting kissing and making out with me, this continued while i held her, and she asked if we can have sex for old time sake and i wasent sure if i should or not but i did. After we cuddled for a bit. And even 12 days of being broken up her phone screen was still the two of us. She said stuff like i know i want you in my life but i dont know if we can be bf/gf, and then after she would say i know i want to be with you but i can't right now, and she needs time apart, so she dropped me off and said i love you. So now its been 10 days since I've heard from her and i feel like she's talking to someone new. she's been snapchatting this guy a lot and she changed her fb pic to her looking stunning. I have no idea what to do at this point im so confused.
When i did see her last (october 18th, 10 days ago) she also said that she doesn't want a boyfriend right now or anyone to hook up with she just wants her friends


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  • To me it sounds like she found someone else but wants to keep you just incase that doesn't work. Either that or she wants someone to give her the physical attention she craves, but wants someone new. Im really sorry she's treating you like this, its unfortunate.

  • Well it can't be like that.

    If she still wants you, why is she playing like this?

    I suggest you back off. If she doesn't come and said she is sorry, you will be waiting for someone who does not deserve you.


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