Ex sent me a final goodbye email?

My ex and I have been going through this break up for a few months., We had to get the apartment sorted out and a few other things. She told me I'll be okay, and I'm like family (not like her ex bf).

The night before she moved out (I was living couch to couch to give her privacy), we talked about what we would do and I offered to come over to help break the news to the land lords. I said I would pay her the deposit to save the land lord's trouble.

This past weekend I was sick, the other day I was asking about cable, She asked if I could pay her the deposit now. I said when I get the lease signed and she's off of it, and there is no damage.

She lost it. Disclosure: So she left all the furniture for me (now she is moving in with a guy that has kids, so they a fully furnished... her alternative was to donate it).

She was saying I was acting shady and that she doesn't trust me and all this other stuff. That I am a opportunist.

It hurt me. She doesn't remember all the times I got her late night dinners because she was "lazy" (in retrospect on the couch cheating by sexting some guy). Or how I moved the car every week to avoid tickets. How I tucked her into bed every night and didn't leave her on the couch.

She sent a goodbye e-mail and asked that we do not communicate moving forward. Not that I would, but it is disheartening to hear she wants no communication ever.


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  • Look, Im so sorry it went so downhill like that. I would email her regardless and tell her all you just said and that she is being dramatic over something that simply isn't true. Do not appologize YOUVE DONE NOTHING WRONG. She totally took it out of proportion and you need to tell her what happened, the truth, all of the truth, and that its not a problem if you two dont talk but that your refuse to leave it on a "i was adding strings" bullshit which simply wasn't true. Say you want to end it on a "Truthful" note and not something concocted out of nonsense and not facts. AFter this, move on to someone who isn't such an asshole she really sounds like one. MY step grandmother is like this she gets super dramtic and throws punches over stuff she made up its really annoying.. Hope I helped.

    • I think she feels like I am not appreciative.

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    • I tried in the car... she makes up her mind and she's done... it's like talking to a wall. We are entirely broken up. Not sure what good an e-mail back is going to do, maybe make me feel better?

    • Just dont email her and leave her alone start a new life with a new person she is a closed minded person.. dont put yourself through that please. i would recommend perhaps getting into korean or japanese culture.. when my life started to go bad and i couldnt find anything to make me happy those things did :) I hope i helped and once again im sorry it ended liek this..

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  • Sad. Parting is always sad. Specially when you know there could have been another road.

    When someone (other than you) takes the decision to move out, it can be doubly sad.

    But don't let the thoughts of the past plague you. She wasn't meant for you if she's behaving this way.

    Some women just stop getting the high out of a relationship after some time in it. How long were you together? I feel your pain.

    • 2 years

    • Hmm... some call it the two-year-itch that women face. They cease to get a high after that time!

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  • For your own sake and your sanity, be glad that she did that. I'm sorry that happened to you, she really sounds like an ass! Now's your time to focus on yourself and when you're ready, find someone who's going to appreciate the little things and not take you for granted.

    (My phone screen is cracked and I thought "tucked" was something else LOL)

    • I just wish it didn't go so sour

  • I'm going through the same thing. Different variables... I don't know I think if you still have feelings.. You should talk to her... If your not wanting to cut off all communication then tell her...

    • She is very upset at me right now. Enough where she drove 50 miles in tough traffic to deal with the cable issue. Her position is that we had an agreement and I am adding strings to things which is totally not true. But she is someone that once she believes something she doesn't change her mind.

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    • We've been broken up for months... but getting the housing stuff figured out took some time. She's been emotional divested for 6 months now... I got her a bunch of stuff on this PhD program she's been wanting to go to, I gave it to her and it took her by suprise. She started crying and gave me a big hug because it made her feel loved. This was months ago.

      The last few times I've dealt with her she's just business. Weak hugs. I don't know why she blew this deposit thing out of the water. The thing is, she was willing to drive me to the cable company to get this sorted out. She was saying in the car (I have the flu) "why would your company make you work?" It was weird, it was like she was being friendly... then she drafted up some worthless document saying I release her for liabilities... why?

    • You sent that on the thread not in messages... But I think she might've been offended you thought she damaged property

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