How should I act to my "GF" during a break up?

Me and my GF have been going out for almost 3 years, everything's going well she is the most wonderful person in my life atm but I know she's not "the one". I told her how I felt and now we're currently on a "break" but I think eventually we'll just break up.
She loves me so much, I know she's hurting a lot now. How can I make it easier for her? should I still talk or text her or just go cold turkey and not talk to her so she can heal "faster" if thats even possible... I'm not sure how to act...


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  • Tell her the truth : you don't want her, she is not the one for you.

    • yeah I've already told her, she still wants to fight for us... I'm not sure what to do for the next step and I don't want it to end ugly

    • @Asker Tell her : Nothing will change and that you don't want thing to end ugly, tell her it's over after that don't answer her call or text or you know what change your phone number

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  • I can't exactly say that my advice will be amazing but tell her that you do love her) if you do) but that you have just started to realize that you are not 'in' love with her.


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