Should I get back together with my him?

So we broke up in July, because he was being cold and distant and was no longer making any effort to make this relationship work.
We had no contact for two months before he called me again. He explained that he panicked, he needed air without knowing how to ask for it. I kept telling him that I understood but that I didn't think it was a good idea to get back together.
Since then, he's been doing everything to prove me wrong. He worked on everything that used to be wrong with our couple (his relationship with my friends, his priorities, his need for air, etc...).

My friends keep telling me to stop talking to him.
But I'm the only girl he's ever loved (I've known him a long time and he never had a serious relationship before me). Do you think it's a good idea? Can people change like this?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I call what you both were on Not so much a "Breakup," but a "Break" from one another to make the One who wasn't so sure about your relationship and with coming up for air in his own space in his own time, he has now realized that----He loves you, he misses the kisses and you are the One and Only girl for him.
    He is making this up to you, showing his sweet proof in the pudding of How he has changed so you both can be Now this "Perfect couple." However, with his compromising, it's your turn now, "B," to show him that you in turn, have take a a better and new direction in the love connection and from now on you are giving the space he needs and craves for once in awhile.
    It's not healthy for two people to be Constantly hooked at the hip. Each needs his or her space to help their own Love flow and go on evenly as though Even Steven and no ending up with---War of the roses down a beaten path.
    Yes, everyone deserves a second chance. And with him making such a beautiful concerted effort, it might just pan out now. But you both need to be a team, working together and with this, Partners for more potential pairing down the road. Keep both feet planted on the ground on guard for the time being...
    For now, should you take him back, don't wear your heart so quick on your sleeve until you have both come to terms with some sort of agreement. You are his First Love and he will never forget you, even if he gets married to another in the future, you will always stay in his heart.
    Listen to your own head and heart, don't let your friends live your life for you.. they are not in your shoes.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, "B," for allowing me to lend a helping hand and Happy Halloween, no trick or treating about this one, all will be okay..:)) xxoo

    • You made some very good points :) Happy Halloween to you too!

    • Thank you, "B," and thank you for the Halloween well wishes.. xxoo

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What Guys Said 6

  • hey! give him a chance and if you stile like and love him why not go back together we are humans we have feeling and we do mistakes, my advice is give him a chance and forget the past be kind and care for him and you will see a big difference.

  • Nah it takes a long time for people to change. My girlfriend basically left me for another guy 2 years ago. We met up a year later hit things off again. She said she had changed and fixed everything and wanted to be with me again. 4 months later she cheats on me same way as before. be cautious.

  • People don't change at the drop of a hat like that. The real issue here is how you feel about him. All I see here is about how he loves you etc etc. It sounds like you'd already moved on. Your friends might be providing you with a valuable, objective opinion.

    It's not difficult to like a guy and enjoy a relationship when things are going well. The measure of a good relationship is how it withstands the bad times. Doesn't sound like yours did that too well... Why go back?

  • If you need to ask if you should get back together with him I think you're not that in love with him.. Yes people can change, but don't take someone back because you miss him, take someone back because you love him.

  • People can change!

  • in my opinion You can give him another chance.
    Sometimes it happens to guys when they get all settled and things go fine they make their life complex by taking wrong decision. After a while they understand what they did wrong and most of the time it is too late.
    If you love him and only because he was distant your relationship broke there is a good amount of possibility that he will be better this time and will make you more happy.


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't do it girl I've been down that road and it's not fun.


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