Did I do the right thing by not answering his call?

My ex has been in touch on and off. I don't really want to get back unless he decides what he wants. But this seems impossible because I see he thinks he can get to talk to me after ignoring me for long. Like whenever he wants to talk to me I am there, but now I wanted to communicate another message to him: If you care and want to get back you have to do it, but don't stay between black and white.

What do you think?


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  • Of course you are right. You have a right to be happy and that also means you have a right to expect something from your partner. If he's unable to fulfill the role, why should you change yourself to fit into his life?

    • Thank you for your answer.

      Yeah-exactly. I need a man who is there for me, not playing hot and cold..

    • At least you know what you want and therefor what you don't want either.

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  • If someone ignores you, never disturb them again, cos you shouldn't have to say " if you care" to him, cos if he really does care he should make an obvious effort to show you, he shouldn't need prompting from you, tell him if you dont know where you stand with him, then you are going to start walking, you can't put your life on hold until he decides if he wants to be in it or not,

  • I personally think you are right. If he is remaining in a grey area and not choosing one side or another on wanting to be together or not, you should deliver the message to him.

    • Yeah it's the grey area that annoys me. Like last time he asked to see me and was clearly missing me. He was saying things in texts like he wants to hug me. He also was very emotional when I saw him , only to disappear for days or weeks then come back.

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