How to get over a guy that you have to see every day?

I have been hooking up with a guy for almost 2 year. We work together and feelings developed from both sides although never enough to take the step into a committed relationship.

We are addicted to each other but need to stop since this is going nowhere. How to get over someone if you have to see the person every day? changing jobs is not an option now...


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  • Its not that hard.. Infact very easy.. It'll take sometime but you'll forget the person.. See him as a stranger and focus on your work.. I know your very strong.. you will overcome it soon.. :)
    and one small advice which i always say.. Please avoid workplace romance..


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  • Going through this right now and I don't know what to do either

    • yes it is horrible. so painful and difficult! How is your guy dealing with it?

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    • i have exactly the same. when i get away he pulls me back but when he gets away i pull him back. never ending.

    • The worst part is the more he pulls me back in the stronger my feelings get for him. The crazy part is I know it's not going anywhere. I caught him talking to some woman he said it was nothing but when I'm on the phone with someone he gets all loins until he realizes it's a woman. It's like were in a relationship but were not

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  • You have to grow out of him, naturally. there is no quick remedy for getting over someone. Just keep working but just know your limits and understand that you guys have moved on

  • Have em whacked by the mofia and problem solved.


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