What should I do with my friend?

I dumped my BF after he went on a date to watch movies with my friend while i was away. According to them, they were just hanging around, and watching a movie. I mean really? he told me he kissed her as a greeting at the end of the movie and she was touching him during the movie as well.

I lost my shit after he told me he can't see what's the big deal here since she is a girl and so i shouted at him and dumped him as well.

My friend is telling me i have no reason to to be angry, and so i told her if she likes my BF that much she should get together with him. I told her not to speak to me again after that, few hours later i am hearing that my BF is at her house?

I mean WTF! is she being a betraying bitch or what? how should i get back at her? she did that on purpose and now she is manipulating my Fresh EX bf to go out with her, i mean really?

Should i spread rumors about her?


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  • I don't think you should sink to a lower level...
    Be the bigger person, if she planned this all to "steal" your boyfriend.
    Then she's not a real friend of yours and you shouldn't be bothered by what she does or doesn't do. Leave her in the past.

    The same goes for your boyfriend, if he's over you that fast and already on to another one he didn't care that much for you and isn't worth worrying over. And remember once a cheater always a cheater, I wouldn't count on their "relationship" to go smooth, and even if it lasts long they will have tons more downs than ups.

    So my advice is, leave those "betraying" people in the past. Their behaviour isn't that of a friend you would want to have. Be the bigger person and move on.
    That's the way you find out who your real friends are and who you should value in your life and who should be cut out. You found 2 persons who just aren't worth your time, effort, thoughts, ... so cut em out and search for better people to share your life with

    • We were friends for many years, and i dated him for a long time as well. I just don't get it. I won't stand it if they will be happy together. I don't like being used like this.

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  • www.girlsaskguys.com/.../q1195003-why-my-girlfriend-thinks-i-cheated-on-her-by-going-out-with-her Umm... This is kind of awkward.
    Anyway, leave your boyfriend because he's being disrespectful to you and find another friend. She sounds like a shitty person.

    • I won't let let them get away that easily. What should i do?

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    • It sounds like they've always had a reason to regret they ever you.

    • Your comment doesn't make sense.

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  • I think you need to stop thinking of your boyfriend as a husband. He hasn't made a commitment to you! You don't own him! You're taking all of this personally with absolutely NOTHING holding him on the line as your man.

    Next time you date a guy, guard your heart. Don't give yourself to him based on such a puny investment. If he wants to commit himself to you, then you reciprocate. If he's willing to make his future include you no matter what, that is when you give your heart to him, make him yours as you are his, etc.

    But damn, he's just a boyfriend. Move on.

    • That's not the point. He cheated on me and acted like nothing serious happened and SHE stole my BF and was also acting like nothing happened. I won't let them mess with me, i will show them who i am.

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    • It's HER who destroyed the relationship, he was an idiot for going along with it but she got what she wanted at the end, and i am the left over. I will definitely do what that girl told me to. It;s HER i am concentrating on hurting, NOT HIM. You are thinking the wrong way.

    • I can shame him easily, but it will be harder with her.

  • Lol women. Spreading rumors would make you as shitty as what she did. Find better friends.

    • No, it won't make me as bad.

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