Insisting on a long distant relationship, then ends it?

So it was July and we were talking non stop everyday, but i live in Dr and he lives in ny, So i kept telling him when i come back from ny im going to stop talking to him because i don't support long distant relationships since my first one failed. But he kept telling me that he doesn't want to lose what we have and that i mean to much to him. So when i finally got to Ny we met and we were always hanging out he got me a present and everything was going amazing. I finally gave in because he really wanted to do this and he kept telling me that he swears he's not going to give up on us, that the only reason we would break up is if i break up with him Then we got into our first fight, i called him up and started talking about my feelings and how much my life sucks and he just goes "One day we're going to talk about my feelings because you're acting like you're the only one with a f*k up life "And i was going to break up with him the next day and he convinced me not to and he said he was sorry and he was about to cry. When i came back from ny the first week or 2 we're fine but when school started for him he sort of started to distant himself and disappear for a few days but hit me up with a excuse. So that kept happening and i broke up with him and we got back together because i loved him and all. But a week later he broke up with me and said this " I love you, but i'm not sugar coating this at all. I've been going through hell these past couple of days and everything is really just crashing down. I'm tired of everything and everyone and im hurt. To be completely honest you breaking up with me no matter how much of a short break up it was really stuck to me. The fact you were able to do that over something so simple is really scary. Right now all i need is space. And i don't mean space like check in with me every few hours i need real space to focus on the issues im faced with now because if i don't ima go into deep depression "2 days later he post a picture with a girl.


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  • Same thing happened to me. My ex and I met up after not talking for a year. Started dating when ever I came back home from school. Then I was back for the summer and we spent every day together. Kinda opted to do a long distance relationship. She cried when I left. We talked on the phone every night for the first couple weeks then the same thing happened. Kinda disappears for a night or a day. I came home she was a little distant but not too bad we still had sex and what not.

    Left and then came back the next time 3 weeks later and she was super awkward and said she didn't have feelings for me anymore. And I found out she had started sleeping with some other guy.

    It's pretty common in long distance relationships, It really takes two devoted people who actually love each other. Not a fling type thing. It's very hard work and it sucks not seeing them, so if one person isn't fully on board then it's going to fail.


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  • Yeah hahaha I kind of made that assumption when I read your title. He's found someone to replace you so he doesn't need you anymore. He's a douche and you don't need him.

  • You deserve to be with some that love you for real. He didnĀ“t appreciate what the two of you had together. Meditate In all the time you passed with him, learn from it and move on.


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