Do guys rebound relationships last? If so how long?

I'm curious to know if when you guys get into a rebound relationship does it last longer because the girl soothes your pain from your old relationship so do you tend to like her a lot more than you planned to? And would you still miss your ex if you were in a rebound rship?


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  • Rebound relationships for guys and girls don't tend to last very long. There is always that chance they will actually meet someone that is perfect for them though.

    I rebounded a 2 1/2 year relationship a couple months later. Thought I met the girl of my dreams, but I did have residual feelings for my Ex which slowly ruined my new one. My rebound lasted about 4 months.

    But yeah during my rebound when i was with my new girl I didn't think about my ex. But most of the other times instead of thinking about my new girl I was often thinking about my ex. I was dumped though. so it might be different the other way around.

    • That helped a lot thanks for that!
      During your rebound did you think your rebound girlfriend was the one. Like for instance did you think she was better than your ex at one point?
      And my ex seems happy with his new gf but I know his feelings are still with me well kind of but yeah I should just leave him alone! If she dumps him or he dumps her then that's their business tbh

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    • Yeah I was really happy to be honest. But i still thought about my Ex pretty frequently. It takes the a really long time to actually get over someone whether you know it or not. By rebounding you opt to put those feelings on hold. When my rebound ended the first person I called was my Ex. She actually picked up the phone and we got lunch and caught up.

      Some good advice is to drop him from Twitter and FB. Out of sight, out of mind. Try to keep yourself from looking at any pictures of him. It helps trust me.

    • Thank you so much man you have helped me more than anybody else! May God bless you<3

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  • I guess I'm technically married to my rebound. I've been with her for six years.


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  • If you want to know how long a rebound relatioonship last. Don't have sex with him and he won't be pursuing the relationship any further I guarantee you that

    • No certainly not I haven't even spoken to him ever since he told me he had a new girlfriend which was 3 mpnths ago they seem so happy together and I hate it

  • When I met my husband we were both 'on the rebound' I suppose, I had only been out of my previous relationship for a month and he was certainly not over his ex, by the way he talked about her. We were both ready to meet knew people, but thoughts of the ex still lingered. I don't think how much you come to care about the new person has anything to do with how much you miss the ex though. It's just like dating any other time. You meet someone, you're curious, you go on a few dates and if feelings start to develop you continue dating, if they don't develop then you keep meeting knew people. Although we both loved our exes, it was apparent almost right away that they had not been right for us, because we were certainly right for each other. He asked me to marry him when we'd only been a couple for 8 months, and had known each other for 10 months. Sometimes it takes heartbreaking circumstances to start a cause and effect that leads us to the right person.

    • Wow!
      Well good for you I'm happy for you but that just made me feel like more shit I did everything for him I don't know it's like he didn't have enough and he seems so happy with his new gf probably gonna end up getting married like you and your husband

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