Halloween party where my ex will be, is it a bad idea for me to go?

It's a little more complicated than the title implies. My ex broke up with me at the beginning of the month, Halloween would have unofficially been 4 years with her. We lived together for the past 1.5 years and she's already packed her things and gone. We haven't spoken to each other in about 3 weeks, and my life has been pretty rough since the break up.

Her sister dates one of my good friend's family friend, whom I've become friends with as well (even before they started dating). He's having a Halloween party this Saturday and my ex will be there, and since the breakup he's been somewhat distant. He invited me but that was weeks ago, and I hadn't heard from him until I messaged him last night about it. I get the impression that he didn't want me there because she would be there, which isn't cool on his behalf but somewhat understandable.

I don't know what to do, should I go and risk running into my ex? I feel like our breakup has damaged my friendship as well which isn't fair; I've known this guy well before I started dating her and although we were never good friends it seems like he'd rather keep his distance entirely from the situation.


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  • Skip this one.


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  • If this friend of a family's friend seems like he has this sour ball in his mouth about you coming to the Goblin party and you know you're not yet done licking your own werewolf wounds with the skeleton tha tis now rattling your chains in her own too close for comfort closet, Sfcd, then this should be your Omen that is telling you that the horror will begin the minute you set into the limelight and that it most likely will turn into---The horrors of all horror and become Freak night as well under a Full circle moon...
    My gut instinct is telling me that you would be much better off finding a haunted house with a few other friends or making your own party plans in another place, where it is more in a Comfort Zone and not in a Zombie Zone with people who either make you feel like a ghost or put you on their pay no mind list of creepy crawlers...
    Good luck, be safe whatever your preference is for Spook Nite. xx

    • I suppose you're right, I've been trying to get over her but I still have strong feelings. I've gone out with another girl and am talking to another, but I can't shake my ex from my head just yet. I still have some of her clothes (just found them the other day when I went through my closet) and I'd like to give them back.

    • I know it's hard to get over someone especially when it is still fresh... ask your new friend to do something on Halloween nite... I had something once scary and hairy happen to me on Halloween one year at a party my blackest gut feeling like death came over me, and I wished to God I had never went.. was a nitemare and later, a storm hit, a tree nearly came down on my car, just missed it.. evil nite... I feel better if you did something else and you will be happier you did... xx

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  • I say you go. Be the bigger man about it. Just don't get shitfaced and start crying.


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