I pretty much loved her in one month and she broke up with me because I get too jealous but thats the way I am?

Ok i have been seeing this girl for about a month now. We work together at the same place and i pretty much see her everyday. Last night she broke up with me. I broke up with her twice all ready in just one month because i just couldn't trust her. Anyway when we started dating i put close to 900 dollars on us in one week. I've took her to places she has never been in her hole life. Im 20 years old and she is 22. When i broke up with her she had her ways to get me back but this time she broke with me thats how i know its done for real this time. Everytime she sits next to me in the car she would be on her phone and when she texts someone she kind of turns so i wouldn't see what she is texting. One time when i was with her in the car she got a text message and when she opened her phone she got a dick picture. I told her wtf was that and she said its random guy that is sending me those pictures. Now i know you guys are thinking that she is cheating on me but i pretty much loved her. One time i was on my friends Facebook and i just added her and she accepted him even though she didn't know him. I couldn't trust her thats why i did that. Anyway she started talking to me on my friends Facebook so i asked if she is single and she said yes. Thats when i lost all my trust for her. By the way she had 4 kids and she doesn't go to school. And im getting my associate degree this year in criminal justice and she hates the law. I want to be a cop and she always said that me respecting the law is whats going to end us. Last night we were at the hookah bar when we were still together and there was this girl that she meet through me and she was all over her. She also likes girls and i asked my girl to come and sit on my lap and she said no. After like 20 min she goes and lays on her. That pissed me off because my friends were there and they were laughing at me. I went out side and punched my car and she said were over after i take her home.


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  • She sounds like a nut job :( sorry, i hope you find someone better.


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