Why would a guy break up when there was nothing wrong?

We met on Tinder back in July and after our third date he asked me to be his girlfriend. He was very into me and things were going great. He would not stop telling me how awesome I am and how lucky he is etc. We had discussed on our first date that we both wanted serious long-term relationships. We are both 30, educated and have stable jobs. Late August he went to Colombia to visit family for 2 weeks. He would text me everyday, all day. When he came back we were both happy to see each other. He met all my friends and everything was great.

Two weeks before he broke up, I noticed he became more distant and seemed almost not as into me, but even then everything else was normal and we were seeing each other a going out. I was going to ask him if everything was ok, but then one day he was acting a little shady and My gut told me to check Tinder. I saw he was active on it. I asked him about it in a very calm way and then everything just unraveled.
He said he only turned on the app that weekend and told me has not been seeing anyone else. He said he did not feel the same way. He told me wants to be with me and sees us together long term but he is unsure. We decided to talk a day or two later and I told him I want to be with him if he wants to be with me and I am willing to work out any issues. He said there is nothing wrong and we can get back together "and see". This was not good enough for me so I left. This happened a month ago and I have not heard from him since nor have I contacted him.

I don't understand what happened. Just the day before we broke up he texted me to wish me Happy Eid and since we could not spend it together he said hopefully next Eid and many more after that, we will be together. A week after breaking up he posted a status saying "If love is blind, why did we see?"


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  • doesn't sound like he's making much effort to get you back. sounds like he has his interests in other girls too.


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  • He is the only one that has an explanation. But you offered him a good chance to set down and work out any issues or at least to have a chance to explain whats wrong and he didn't take it serious even he knows something is wrong ! anyway, I think you ended this up on the right time and before you invest more feelings and efforts and to receive only unsure and loose responses.

  • Sounds like he's done. Which is lame. Maybe he's just the type of person who gets bored after the honeymoon phase. This time, it really isn't you, it's him.

  • Because he wanted to be single.

    Guys don't need a reason to break up. We're not that keen on relationships in the first place.


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