She held onto me until she was over me?

Me and my ex dated for 2 1/2 years a couple years ago. Great relationship then she met a new group of friends. (She never really had that many friends). I met them a few times and hung out. But she had a lot of "girl" nights I guess. But there were always guys over there. I wasn't aloud on girl nights. But we started fighting because I didn't understand why she didn't want me over there. She insisted she still loved me, but would refuse to talk about things.

Then one day I get a text from her saying she's over me. I found out she was already in a relationship with one of the guys there. I was so dumb founded how she could just switch in one day and over a text... She always insisted things were fine.

Come 2 years later, we reconnected, took it slow. She told me she got into drugs with that group and thats why she left. Pretty much begged me and was so greatful that I was giving her another chance. We had an awesome summer. Seemed like old times.

Then again, meets a new group of friends. Things were fine at first, but she went out every night and I couldn't always go out. Then slowly but surely she started lying about who she was with. But would see me the next day and see how I was doing " hey babe, just want to let you know i love you!" stuff like that. Then same thing, one time showed up to the bar as a surprise and she would barely speak to me when she was with her friends.

I instantly knew what was up. Asked her to talk and she said no. Then i left and she texted me " i have no feelings for you anymore". Find out she's ALREADY with another guy before she even broke up with me.

This is a long post. But does this person have no shame? It's like she makes sure she has someone to go to then drops me with no emotions. I'm officially broken after this, I can't wrap my head around how someone can do this to another person. Is there something mentally wrong with her? All my friends, girls and guys told me she was crazy.
As for why I went back after the first time. It had been so long, and she seemed really sincere about her apology. Like she really made me believe that it was because she got mixed up in drugs and she was changed. And at first i was skeptical about getting back with her because of what had happened. She's only known the new guy for 2 weeks. There was nothing wrong, we hung out, had great sex all the time. I took her out to the city a lot. A week prior to that text, she said I was the one...


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  • She's fucked up in the head. You can do better. If you take her back a third time, then it's your own fault when she does it again. I am all for giving people second chances, but not a third. Chin up.. not all girls are that way. You CAN and WILL do better!!!


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  • Dude, guys do this all the time to girls. You sound very caring and intelligent. I'm sure lots of gals would be thrilled with you for a bf. I hope you are done with the pain from this girl. Move on and try to find a loyal gal that loves you. Good luck!


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  • Just let go of her she is a absolute idiot for leaving you I can't believe she did that! You can do some much better! Trust me! You don't need this..


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  • Well there's definitely something wrong with her... and you for taking her back.


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