Will he regret it and try to come back?

Hello, it's been 2 weeks since my boyfriend broke up with me. We have been together for 2 years and 8 months. Three weeks ago said he needed to talk to me and he told me he wasn't ready to break up with me because of our history together and connection, but that he was confused about being in a relationship. That he wanted to be "free" and don't have the pressure of being in a relationship. I honestly didn't expect this at all, but i decided to give him a week and see how it went. After a week he said he had a really bad time without me but that breaking up and starting focusing on himself and his job was the right decision. And that it was very hard for him to be so honest, but he said it would've been worst in a few years and he didn't wanna hurt me. I could honestly say that i pressured him for the last few months, i guess because we were apart 20 months (while i was finishing my career) and i felt the need of being with him more often and i even proposed to move out together. I probably scare him off. The thing is that i haven't contacted him at all since the day he broke up with me. I haven't called him, or text him or like any picture in instagram. I am wondering your opinion if he will regret the decision and will actually try to come back.. we had a very good relationship and awesome connection. I know there's people who regret it but they wouldn't try to go back to the person because of ego, or because what its done its done. What do you guys think after sharing my situation? tell me about yours too!

Thanksss :D


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  • If he love's you he'll come back.


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  • Its sounds like he's asking of you what you asked of him. You said you were apart 20 months because you were finishing up your career. He said he needed to focus on himself and his job. Give him some space and if you really mean as much to him as it sounds like you do then he'll come back. If he doesn't it will probably be for the best since you wouldn't want to be in a relationship that's one sided. Hope it works out good for you.


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