Is asking your ex in how was the test the prob/stats teacher gave us? And asking him questions about what was on it bad?

My ex is the only person that i know that is in my math class that I know. I sent him an email asking him how was the test? was there multiple choice? and did we have to know the vocabulary. I didn't ask him anything like hey take me back or anything like that , i kept it strictly based on the test.


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  • It's fine. You did it for info on the class and nothing else.

    • can i ask you a question? how can you tell if your ex misses you? because i miss him. we haven't made contact since today. He doesn't look or speak to me. I miss him so much. I want him back but im not so desperate like i would humilate myself doing it. What do i do? How do i know if he misses me , I want to ask him does he want to gives us another chance or try to reconnect. I haven't spoken to him in 3 weeks

    • Well since he hasn't talked to you since the breakup, he may be missing you and wanting to avoid you for that. Or he may not be missing you and wants to totally separate himself. It all really depends on what kind of guy he is. How long has it been since your breakup?

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