Need my ex back now!!!?

So it's been 6 months and I still LOVE him. I need him! We ended on a bad note so I wouldn't know what to say to him so I can't talk to him... when we were together we only lasted a very short time and we never saw each other outside of school
Guys how can I get him back? I think he likes someone else but I NEED him so badly

~FYII I am usually rated a 7 or 8 when I make an effort to look good... help me get him back please!~


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  • first step tell me why you guys broke up second step ill try to help after you tell me cuz if you cheated your done trust me im usually rated a 7-10 by girls and i can fix shit im born for stuff like this lol

    • We broke up because we people said that they thought we were not together, it caused a lot of confusion and his friends started asking my "friends" if I still liked him (clearly I did) but they all said no and he dumped me, I would never cheat hahaha thank you

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    • Yes I do what is your name?

    • altair212

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  • With time, this has given you a chance to do some serious soul searching, sweetie, and now it has gotten to the Breaking Point Where----Help me get him back please!
    Just because two people Break up, doesn't mean they can't And don't Make up and that it is Goodbye forever, my love. And with being apart for this many months, perhaps like you he is Missing the Kissing as well.
    Time to test the waters here... Send him a text and just ask how he is? Wait and see if he responds. If he does, keep it light and semi sweet and take it from there, but go easy... things in his life May or may not have changed for sure. And if doesn't reply then you have your answer, your closure to close this chapter and move on to someone else who is probably waiting out there somewhere for you in unknown territory.
    Good luck. xx

    • lol i always love this persons replies

    • lol... My greatest fans are the smart ones who knows Paris is right on the money.. I love you too, sweetie.:)) xx

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  • Oh wow. Basically my story. Except I am more patient.

    Look its been six fucking months for me too BUT you NEED to understand if you rush shit you won't get results. Patience is key.

    Message me if you want the best solution to get back with him.

  • Hi everyone, this is my other account I forgot the pass for the one I asked this question on 😜 thank you all for helping

  • ~FYII move on, the relationship is over.


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