Am I weird because I kept my ex husband's last name?

I just got used to having it as my last name. Was a terrible marriage. People probably think its odd especially. Zero feelings or communication with my ex. No kids.
Also, I like how it sounds. We weren't married long but also had become known by that name just a bit. Not really enough in that respect to keep it, but as I said, I just really got used to it.


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  • Sounds like you're still holding on to the thought of him.


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  • Isn't it a lot of trouble to go through changing it if you don't have to? Just wait until you want to or get married again. If their is no rush, it's not weird that you don't change it.

    • I think in some states it is, it was easy for me to but overall I would have had to change my name again on everything

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  • Not at all. A lot of women get divorced and don't bother changing their names back, myself included.

    It's just easier than changing your name. .

    • It was definitely a hassle to change back, pay for a new license and update on everything etc

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