Someone please help me get over this ex?

Me and my ex were together for 5 years and we've been broken up for almost 2 years. But I'm still thinking about him constantly, I still actually cry over him every now and then. We broke up due to him and a friend of mine messing around behind my back and he's been with her ever since. .

I know I should be over him due to how he did me. Normal people probably wouldn't even be talking to their ex but I can't help it. . Everybody I've tried to date it doesn't work out or I lose interest because I find myself comparing them to my ex.

This is ruining my dating life because I'm still in love with my ex! Please help :(


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  • First step you need to do is get him out of your life completely, you need to get rid of every picture every social thing every friend he knows. Because you need to get rid of him before you're going to forget about him if I seen one of my ex's from a serious relationship nowadays it would bring back memories I am over it thanks to getting rid of them but if I never did for all I know I'd keep thinking about them over and over again like you're doing.

    Now next step is get busy, this doesn't mean you need to start dating you can avoid that if it makes you think of him instead do things that doesn't make you think of him such as like sports or activities maybe make a goal for the gym to reach a certain weight or get a set of abs or who knows get some muscles on your arms or see if you can reach a certain weight squating who knows those type of things can benefit you and keep your mind off him as you think about yourself and you will help rebuild confidence to yourself and will help you get to meet new people and enjoy your life without him and realize you can do it without him.

    IF your stuck on the same pattern everyday and not enjoying yourself you're going to keep thinking back about the times you did enjoy yourself which will remind you of your ex and make you miss being with him.

    So get rid of him and anything that might make you think of him or make you have to see him, treat him as someone you never met before a complete stranger for now on. Go get yourself busy and enjoy life and realize that you can be happy without him.

    Good luck !

    • I live in a very small town so I'm going to see him whether I want to or not. . also his parents live right down the street from me and his sister lives almost next door to me

      I'm doomed

    • Well move if it's causing such a problem you don't have much of a choice if it's ruining your life. I wouldn't stay at a place I live at if it was causing problems in my life and drama and making me unable to live my life and enjoy it.

      I know it sounds dumb and extreme but you're going on two years and clearly you have no choice but too actually get rid of him and if that means moving away than you need to do that.

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  • If he left you so easily after being together for 5 years, I consider it backstabbing. How can u still love him? Start listing the things you hate about him and the things you love about yourself. Its high time you did that.


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